Consumer product giant Unilever recently gave its U.S. headquarters in New Jersey a green overhaul as part of its goal to be carbon-positive by 2030 and to help attract a younger workforce. The building even comes with a unique guarantee: if energy savings from features like smart cooling and heating systems don’t live up to expectations, the developer will foot the bill.

OVG, the Dutch developer behind the renovation project, guarantee massive energy savings in what they call a “green lease” or eco-agreement. In a contract that will last 10 years, OVG promises that the building’s energy consumption will drop by at least 40% and that water use will drop by 50%. As long as Unilever uses the building as outlined in the contract, OVG will cover the cost if energy or water use is higher than expected.

Some of the building’s sustainable features include an app allowing employees to tweak room temperatures and adjust the brightness of lights, as well as 15 000 sensors that adjust the temperature, light, carbon dioxide and humidity in the building according to amount of people present.

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