After viewing an architectural schematic that featured a pair of elevated glass catwalks, Carolina A. Miranda posted a tweet inviting male architects to navigate their own designs in a skirt. The tweet ignited a flurry of responses from women, sparking a debate about an ongoing design issue in many public spaces – that some of them simply don’t keep women in mind.

The building in question, the Nicanor Parra Library at Diego Portales University in Santiago, Chile, was designed by Chilean architect Mathias Klotz and completed in 2012 – a point in time, Miranda argues, when male architects should long have known better.

This is not, however, the only recent design to employ transparent walkways. Others include the architecture school at the City College of New York, completed in 2009, as well as the Southern California Institute of Architecture in downtown Los Angeles.

According to Miranda, this not only affects the women who work and study in those buildings, it also normalises the idea among architecture students that transparent walkways are just a benign architectural feature.

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