Wrapped in forest, covered by the treetops and floated off the ground, Weyes estudio has created a family home that is designed to blend into its natural surroundings. Aptly titled ‘casa en el bosque’, or ‘house in the forest’, the design embraces the clients’ passion for the great outdoors.  The architecture and its users are able to live in symbiosis with the forest; they become part of and supplement the natural micro-ecosystem.

Casa en el symbolises a simple construction, without technical complications, that still has a richness of detail in the placement of its materials. There is a wide variety of apparent materials that will age with dignity over time and will blend with the surroundings. The design also takes advantage of the shade of the trees and cross ventilation for the improvement of the interior temperature. 

When embarking upon the design, the main challenge posed by the building site was its irregular and sloped terrain, which ranges between a gradient of 28% to 35%. In response to this, Weyes estudio developed the building as a program of four volumes, connected by stairs, corridors and external bridges that respect the original topography and vegetation of the forest.

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