The ability to keep food fresh is a major concern for most of us and this is a daily challenge to people living in Sub Saharan Africa where there is little to no access to electricity. To combat this problem, the winner of Fast Company’s 2020 World-Changing Ideas Awards, Youmma, has invented a fridge that can run in places that don’t yet have electricity.

Youmma offers a small refrigerator, efficient enough to function on a single solar pane, and that makes use of a pay-as-you-go system, making it affordable even for households with limited income. Youmma collaborated with Kenyan solar energy company, M-kopa, to offer the fridges as part of a solar home system that also includes two LED light bulbs, two strip lights, and two phone charging cables.

“We redesigned the cooling system to make it as efficient as possible,” said product head at Youmma, a brand of Brazil-based Nidec Global Appliance. Customers pay a small amount via their mobile phones each day; each credit keeps the fridge running until the system is fully paid off.

The company found that customers were saving money by reducing food spoilage, saving time on trips to the market and medication that needs refrigeration can be stored safely in a cool place. Some families reported saving as much as half of their household income. Convenience stores and supermarkets in the area are also adopting this technology, which makes it possible to expand on their product offering.

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